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The Mind is the Body

Posted By Shayne Pattie  
11:00 AM

Part 1. Body Systems

I have a want, almost a need to understand the human body. As a psychologist in Townsville, I regularly share my professional experiences and knowledge to help other people improve the understanding of their own mind and body. This blog series will be where I discuss sections from my book ‘My Eclectic Human Body’ to demonstrate how mental health is more than just the mind. 

There are approximately 11 different body systems that all interact with each other. This number changes depending on the classification criteria used. The body systems can include the – Circulatory (Cardiovascular) (including the Lymphatic), Respiratory, Skeletal, Muscular, Endocrine, Digestive, Nervous, Genitourinary (including the Reproductive), Integumentary, Immune and the Fascial systems.

When a person thinks about their mental health, often they might focus on their brain health and their thoughts. This is still helpful; however the body is a lot more complex and poor health in one area can directly impact all other areas of our health including our Mental Health. Here I will briefly discuss how each system can impact our functioning.

Poor Circulatory system health can impact body’s ability to dispose of body waste, toxins and carbon dioxide and affect the body’s ability to deliver nutrients and oxygen to our cells.

Poor Respiratory system health can impact the body’s ability to supply oxygen to our blood, impact our lungs and nasal areas impacting our ability to enjoy healthy breathing and sleep.

Poor Skeletal system health can impact our daily functioning by impacting our ability to walk, move, rest, and even impact our immune system leading to a greater frequency or severity of illness. 

Poor Muscular system health can lead to greater muscular, ligament and tendon pain and inflammation as well as restrict our ability to move freely. 

Poor Endocrine system health can impact our hormones and therefore impact our emotions as well as impact our ability to maintain a healthy physical self. 

Poor Digestive system health can impact the body’s ability to ingest and digest foods and liquids and impact our nervous system via the Enteric Nervous system.

Poor Nervous system health can directly impact our ability to – manage our emotions, focus, communicate and understand our internal and external world.

Poor Genitourinary system health can impact the body’s reproduction and fertility, libido and affect our organ health. 

Poor Integumentary system health can increase the risk of illness, poor skin health and gland health and impact our nail and hair health.

Poor Immune system health can affect all body systems including our mental health as many different systems contribute to the body’s immune responses.

Finally poor Fascial health can impact our immune system, increase pain and tension and impact a person’s ability to move freely.

Stay tuned for my next blog.

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