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February 2024

What Are Schema Modes

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28/02/2024 09:00 AM
Schema Therapy was developed by Jeffrey Young to assist treatment resistant clients and those with long-standing disorders. Schemas, as defined by Young are: wide-ranging and persistent patterns or themes encompassing memories, emotions, cognitions, and bodily sensations concerning ourselves and our relationship with others originating in childhood or adolescence embellished throughout our life and substantially dysfunctional. When in emotional distress, because early...

The Mind is the Body – Part 2 – Tai Chi and Mental Health

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02/02/2024 14:01 PM
This blog series will be where I discuss sections from my book ‘My Eclectic Human Body’ to demonstrate how mental health is more than just the mind.  When working in my first psychology job, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to complete Teacher training in Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health program. The program discussed the benefits of Tai Chi, how to be an Effective Teacher, Safety and Risk assessment, their Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method, Tai Chi Principles and many...