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Breakfree Psychology Services has clinicians experienced in Positive Behaviour Support Plans (PBSP). If you have improved relationship funding within your NDIS plan speak to us about how we can utilise this funding to help you identify and manage challenging behaviours.

What is a Positive Behaviour Support Plan?

When a young child or an adult individual exhibits challenging behaviour that can go beyond what is considered normal, a Positive Behaviour Support Plan may help. It is a behaviour support plan developed by one of our psychologists, who is also an NDIS registered behaviour support practitioner. It serves the following objectives.

  • Understand the underlying causes of challenging behaviours by assessing the behaviour and actions,
  • Identify the existing circumstances that would be impacting your behaviour,
  • Provide individuals with a challenging mindset with appropriate strategies that help address the causes of underlying behaviours within their context, and
  • Strengthen positive behaviours and personal interests among people of all ages.

A PBSP allows you to work closely with your psychologist who reviews the plan with you within the first few weeks and then every three months moving forward.

Our Positive Behaviour Support Plans

We develop our plan with the participant in mind, including all aspects of their support and living arrangements to ensure our plans are holistic and are tailored to the participants specific needs.

  • A thorougher assessment is completed to understand the challenging behaviour.
  • We consult all relevant allied health and medical professionals, family and support staff.
  • A plan is developed to improve life and reduce the challenging behaviours.
  • Lastly we train staff to ensure they are able to operationalise the plan.

What NDIS Funding is Required?

Similarly to therapy, this funding group also sits within Capacity Building, although it is within the sub category called ‘Improved Relationships’. Within this area funding will provide access to specialist behaviour support intervention to support significant and persistent behaviours of concern. Item numbers include 11_022_0110_7_3 and 11_023_0110_7_3.

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“Our plan has helped us so much, we have learnt to reduce negative behaviours. This has helped our family enjoy our day to day life”

Participants, Mother

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