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Our Story

Breakfree Psychology Services originated from a desire to create the best psychology practice in Townsville, able to help individuals and couples improve their emotional wellbeing and create satisfying relationships. We assist couples and individuals including NDIS participants who have struggles with emotional regulation, anxiety and depression or interpersonal difficulties.

Our small community in Townsville has so much to offer it’s residents and visitors, however we do see some gaps in mental health care services. It’s our mission for Breakfree to continue to contribute to filling some of these gaps, so that our community has the support it needs. We want our community to have the professional guidance it needs to assist it to flourish both relationship wise and individually. We can help anyone work on emotional issues, daily living skills or to manage challenging behaviours.

I personally have a passion for therapies that can assist a person in getting to the heart of issues, that can provide understanding, that have clear easy to use strategies for lasting change, while also making the therapy session the first place to facilitate this change.

Breakfree is one of the few practices in North Queensland to offer psychologists with expertise in the Gottman method for couples counselling who are skilled in helping couples with conflict, unfulfilling relationships, and specific relationship problems using the Gottman Method of Couples Counselling. This approach was developed from research conducted by the Gottman Institute over the last 40 years, into what makes relationships work.

Breakfree is one of few practices in the North providing psychologists with a high level of training in Schema Therapy, a helpful approach for assisting individual adults who have experienced considerable personal, social, and occupational disruption throughout their life. The Schema Therapy approach can help address the root cause of these problems which can assists an individual in finally being able to breakfree from the emotional pain, that is the result of repeatedly having to face these upsets in life.

We are a practice that is able to offer other evidence based therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to treat all presentations with adults and children, whether that be individually, or in their relationship, or both.


Elizabeth Pincott