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We provide a number of assessments including diagnostic assessments required to apply for NDIS funding. 

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Autism Spectrum disorder (Asd)

Our process is based on the National Guidelines developed in 2018 to ensure a clearer and more consistent approach to Autism assessment throughout the country so that individuals and their families receive the best possible care.

The outcome of your assessment will be based on the best possible research available, it will be individual and family centered, holistic, with a focus on identification of supports required as well as an individuals limitations.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder is a diagnostic term for the severe neurodevelopmental impairments (you may see these as difficulties with physical activity, language, memory, learning and behaviour) that result from brain damage caused by alcohol exposure before birth.

Our psychologist will conduct several assessments, including in person and online methods.

Intellectual Capacity

Breakfree Psychology Services provides psychological testing, specifically to test intellectual performance, which is a measure of how an individual uses their intelligence within their environment. Intellectual capacity cannot be absolutely identified or seen, only measured in terms of action or what is demonstrated.

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Fit and Proper Person

Fit and proper person assessments are completed when a person is directed to provide evidence by Weapons licensing they are a “Fit and Proper person” when applying for or renewing a Weapons Licence. This assessment may be used to provide certification to other entities like Law courts, Employers or Government agencies requiring certification of sound mental health. Our psychologists will conduct standardised assessments to assess your current mental state which then assists the relevant bodies or Courts in being able to confirm your current mental state and whether or not you meet this ‘Fit and Proper Person’ status.

Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA)

An FBA is a process of gathering information about behaviours of concern, to highlight when and where they occur in order to more clearly understand the behaviour.


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