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MarAthon COUPLES therapy

Marathon therapy is an approach to couples therapy that is an alternative to regular weekly sessions. It’s an opportunity to put to bed long standing issues and get your relationship back on track. Marathon therapy is an opportunity for couples to process past hurts, perpetual issues in their relationship, and to learn and practice effective communication. A marathon is especially beneficial for couples who don’t live near a trained Gottman Couple’s Therapist, have hectic work schedules and couples who require immediate help.

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Couples therapy

The Gottman Method for Couples Counselling is entirely research based and has been proven to be a highly effective therapy for couples. We recommend marathon therapy, however some couples will prefer regular weekly couples counselling sessions. Using the Gottman couples model for regular sessions the first 4 sessions of therapy will be assessment sessions. We offer sessions in person in Townsville and also via an online platform.

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We offer a range of therapies at Breakfree Psychology, including cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and schema therapy, to name a few.

Schema therapy is an approach to individual counselling that addresses the root cause of anxiety or depression and other emotional states. Your psychologist will use this therapy to help you understand at a deeper level the reasons you are struggling with an emotional state such as anxiety. Counselling with a psychologist using a schema therapy approach will also help you learn effective tools to manage these feelings and you will find that the therapy sessions with your schema therapist also help you heel from the emotional injuries from your past.

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We provide therapy services for the National Disability Insurance Schema (NDIS). This scheme provides funding for persons who have a permanent disability.

If you have been diagnosed with a mild to sever mental health condition, that is impacting on your day to day life, you can access individualised support through us and with your NDIS funding.

We have skilled psychologists who are able to assist you, via Telehealth.

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Couples Circle

COUPLES circle

Learn how to have a rewarding and satisfying relationship through this 6 week online group couples circle.

This is based on the world renowned Gottman Method for Couples Counselling, which helps couples understand the difference between relationship masters and disaster so that they can have the relationship they desire.

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