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Marathon Couples Counselling

Marathon therapy is an approach to couples therapy that is an alternative to regular weekly sessions. It’s an opportunity to put to bed long standing issues and get your relationship back on track. Marathon therapy is an opportunity for couples to process past hurts, perpetual issues in their relationship, and to learn and practice effective communication. A marathon is especially beneficial for couples who don’t live near a trained Gottman Couple’s Therapist, have hectic work schedules and couples who require immediate help. 

We are currently offering marathon couples therapy in Melbourne too.

Couples will engage in 2 days of couples counselling that will involve 6-7 hours of therapy on each of these days, plus a break for lunch and other short breaks each day.

All couples are required to complete a comprehensive online relationship assessment a week prior to their retreat, as the results of this assessment are required to ensure the retreat will address the most pressing issues of each couple. This significantly reduces the amount of time you would otherwise spend helping your therapist understand your relationship. All results are presented as joint strengths or weaknesses and individual results are confidential.

Therapy will take place at our clinic in a private counselling room. We are conveniently located close to accommodation and popular areas of Townsville, providing an opportunity for interstate or out of town couples the comfort of staying the night in your chose of accommodation and the ability to enjoy the beach and restaurants available within the area when needing to travel to complete your marathon with us.

A marathon will often address conflict, lack of friendship, negative relationship sentiment, lack of appreciation and respect, poor communication and trust and commitment issues.

Inclusions for marathon couples counselling;

  • A highly experienced psychologist who has extensive training in the Gottman method of couples counselling
  • 6-7 hours of focussed couples counselling per day
  • A Gottman relationship check up assessment
  • Lunch, snacks and tea and coffee provided
  • A personalised booklet containing the strategies relevant to your relationship to ensure you can continue to implement these strategies once therapy has finished (e.g. strategies to manage conflict, solve ongoing issues, how to communicate your needs, improve connection, improve intimacy
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Online Couple Counselling

Breakfree Psychology Services specialises in a range of relationship related issues, including a lack of emotional connection, sexual and emotional affairs, trust and commitment issues, and conflict. Online couples therapy is just as effective as in person face to face counselling, at helping to resolve these struggles often encountered in intimate relationships.

Our convenient online service allows couples the opportunity to deal with their issues in the comfort of their own home, in a private and confidential manner. We offer a confidential secure online platform Australia wide. Available for local and interstate couples.

Based in Townsville, Queensland, our psychologists are highly experienced in Gottman Couples Therapy and Schema Therapy. We provide services to couples who desire a well researched and effective approach to couples therapy or individuals who require help to solve lifetime struggles with emotions, repeated behaviour challenges or interpersonal issues.


Marathon Couples Counselling

At Breakfree Psychology Services, we understand relationships sometimes need some external help to get the relationship back on track again. Marathon therapy is a powerful and intense form of couples therapy that is condensed into a weekend or 2 weekdays and involves you working consistently over this period of time to resolve deep-seated relationship issues.

The format of marathons vary depending on the specific needs of your relationship. It will start with an assessment of the relationship history and your own individual backgrounds, followed by a discussion on the results of your relationship check up assessment. This is vital in helping you develop insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and to also help you understand how these areas compare to the areas that have been found to be important in ensuring a happy or satisfying relationship.

This approach often requires you and your partner to sit with uncomfortable emotions (anger, sadness, regret), while we delve into the past hurts experienced together and work to process these emotions and find a way forward. And, at times your therapist will also explore your individual histories and experiences growing up to help understand current relationship problems, or assist your partner in understanding you better. It’s not uncommon for this to initially feel uncomfortable as past hurt feelings are bought to the surface again.

Once your marathon is completed it may be recommended that you attend follow up sessions together, or attend individual counselling, if required. We will facilitate an individual referral to one of our in-house clinicians or elsewhere depending on your needs and location.

Breakfree Psychology Services are highly trained in the Gottman Couples Therapy Marathon Couples Counselling. Book your session today on 0479 149 277 and one of our experienced therapist’s will be in touch.

“Marathon sessions get so much momentum, couples are so focussed on their relationship that they really move through interventions and process attachment injuries much quicker"

Julie Gottman

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