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May 2022

Negative Thought Patterns: Black and White Thinking

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10/05/2022 16:00 PM
Do you ever find yourself thinking in absolutes? This thought pattern can go in several directions, you may think that you’re always right, a huge failure or that you only receive bad luck. This way of thinking is a cognitive distortion, not allowing us to see life and its many events for what they are, which is complex.   How Black and White Thinking Can Impact Us Having this ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset can seriously limit our ability to correctly discern situations and resolve conflict....

Personal Boundaries

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10/05/2022 14:00 PM
Personal boundaries are the limits or rules we set for ourselves within relationships. People create boundaries to identify for themselves what are reasonable, safe, and permissible ways for others to behave around them and how they will respond if someone steps outside of these. A person with healthy boundaries can say ‘no’ to others when they want to, but they are also comfortable opening themselves up to having close relationships. The easiest way to think about a boundary is a property line...