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Too Much Monkey Chatter Business 

You may have heard our internal monologue described as the “monkey chatter” in your mind, that endless loop of negative judgement we place on every thought, actions and perceived wrong turn we make. In psychological terms we refer to this internal monologue as the “inner critic”.

Being able to recognise your inner critic is the first step in stopping the monkey chatter. Getting curious about which of these critics directs your life is key.

Do these look familiar?

The Perfectionist

This critic wants you to do everything perfectly. It sets high standards on the things you do and produce, and it finds it hard saying that something is finished and is ready to be put out into the world as your best work. It tries to ensure you fit in so that you will not be judged or rejected. Its presumption likely reflects those of people who have been important in your life.

The Guilt-Tripper

This critic is stuck in the past. It is unable to forgive you for past wrongs or for the people you have hurt. It is concerned about relationships and holds you to standards of behaviour determined by your community, culture and family. It wants to protect you from repeating past mistakes by ensuring you never forget them.

The Underminer

This critic tries to undermine your self-confidence and self-esteem so that you never venture afar or take risks. It directly attacks your sense of self-worth so that you stay small and take no chances where you might be hurt or rejected. This critic is afraid of you becoming too big or too visible and not being able to bear judgement or failure.

The Destroyer

This critic pervasively attacks your fundamental self-worth. It shames you and makes you feel intrinsically flawed, not deserving of basic understanding or respect. This most crippling critic was born from early life deprivation or trauma. It is motivated by a belief that it is safer not to exist.

The Moulder

This critic tries to get you to fit into a particular mould, based on standards held by society, your culture or your family. It wants you to be liked and admired and to protect you from abandonment, shame and rejection. This critic fears that the Rebel or Free Spirit inside you would act in unacceptable ways, so it keeps you from being connected with and expressing your true nature.

The Taskmaster

This critic wants you to work hard and be successful. It is afraid that if you are mediocre or lazy you will be judged a failure and so it pushes you to keep going. Its pushing activates a procrastinator or a rebel that fights against its harsh orders.

The Inner Controller

This critic tries to control your impulses: eating, drinking, sexual activity. It is in contrast with an Indulger – addict who it fears will get out of control at any time. It tends to be harsh and shaming, to protect you from yourself. It endeavors to make you a good person who is accepted and functions well in society.

If you have noticed the monkey chatter in your mind, why not give us a call today? Our team of highly skilled and well-experienced Psychologists are here to help.  Call us now and take that first step in silencing the monkey!