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Learn how to relax

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Psychologists can help you Learn how to Relax

Relaxing seems simple in theory but without regular practice of appropriate strategies, stress can creep up on us.

It is a common misconception to think “I don’t need to implement relaxation strategies as I am not feeling that stressed”. Relaxation strategies along with psychological skills development are equally focused on preventing, as well as treating the problem.

In our busy lifestyles we can neglect to prioritise prevention over treatment, which can result in burnout and difficulty identifying our levels of stress. Being able to identify your levels of stress allows you to recognise and become aware of early warning signs. Practicing relaxation strategies helps with developing awareness of the signs of stress as well as developing strong coping skills.

Just like all forms of learning it is essential to maintain these skills regularly, consequently making the skills more effective and less effortful to implement. Another tip to increase awareness of stress levels is to rate your stress on a scale (from 1-10 with 10 being extremely stressed) before and after the relaxation exercise. Over time you can monitor both your progress of increasing your relaxation as well as your awareness of triggers (times that increase stress).

Most relaxation strategies can be practiced in minimal duration during convenient times. For example: while waiting for the kettle to boil or someone to call you back, you can refocus your attention on a quick breathing or mindfulness exercise.

Below are links and examples of relaxation exercises (scientifically and empirically supported):


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