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What is couples therapy?

Posted By Elizabeth Pincott  
09:00 AM

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is an opportunity to work on parts of your relationship that are not working well for you, and these parts are often experienced as areas of conflict, negativity or dissatisfaction within your relationship.

Couples typically attend couples therapy to work on the following issues;

  • Conflict
  • Poor Communication
  • Affairs
  • Lack of trust
  • Poor commitment
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Negative feelings towards your partner

Couples therapy is an opportunity to help you with the following;

  • Rebuild trust and commitment
  • Improve your understanding of your partner and create a strong friendship
  • Learn how to express appreciation and respect
  • Learn to turn towards your partner, feel acknowledged and connected
  • Overcome negativite feelings towards your partner
  • Reduce conflict and improve your ability to accept your partners influence, discuss problems effectively and be supportive when your partner is distressed
  • Create shared meaning in your relationship and life
  • Honouring each other’s life dreams

Breakfree Psychology Services provides a free 15 minute consultation to discuss whether or not couples therapy is suitable for your relationship. Please phone 0479 149 277 if you would like to discuss how couples therapy could improve your relationship.