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How to manage trust issues in your relationship?

Posted By Elizabeth Pincott  
15:00 PM

Trust issues in a relationship can stem from our belief system about others, the world & ourselves.

Belief systems are developed when we are young, often by the time we are 3 or 4, we have ingrained thoughts about how trustworthy people are, based on the people in our household or around us at this early age.

If we have caregivers we can depend on to be kind & treat us well we develop beliefs that people are trustworthy.

If we have caregivers who mistreat us we develop beliefs that people can’t be trusted to look out for us & treat us well.

The later paves the path for being mistrusting of others in our adult life, mistrusting that our partners will do the right thing by us.

Ask yourself what the evidence is that your partner can’t be trusted. If there is no clear evidence you might be working off old programming and you need to recognise this & look at where you learnt to mistrust people. If there is evidence you need to address this in your relationship.