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The Mind is the Body – Part 4 – Holistic Health and Mental Health part 2

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10:49 AM

This blog series will be where I discuss sections from my book ‘My Eclectic Human Body’ to demonstrate how mental health is more than just the mind.

Psychologists and other health professionals have recently begun revisiting a more holistic approach to psychology and mental health. The term Holistic Health has many interpretations, however, I will be using this term to describe various ideas that directly and indirectly improve a person's mental health.

Light and Melatonin – One of the main hormones that is greatly influenced by light is Melatonin. Melatonin is very important and is used for more than just sleeping. Melatonin beings with the interaction of UV light and the amino acid Tryptophan in the eye, which then catalyses the conversion of Tryptophan into Serotonin. Serotonin is then stored in the gut and is released at night from the gut and made available to the Pineal Gland. From there it is converted to Melatonin in the Pineal Gland.

Light and our body systems – Different light frequencies eventually cause the release of Growth Hormone, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone, Luteinizing Hormone and Prolactin. Light also impacts the Pituitary Gland which functions as a bridge that also includes the Hypothalamus and works to connect the Autonomic Nervous System to the Endocrine and the Immune systems. To help wake us up and counter Melatonin, Cortisol is naturally triggered as a healthy response. However, the function of Cortisol can change when in stressful situations. Natural morning sunlight, assists the body in creating Vitamin D. In order for this to happen we need approximately forty-five percent skin exposure when the sun is at approximately forty-five degrees. If this is done successfully, the body will produce Vitamin D which serves many functions including – helping the kidneys to hold onto as much of the Melatonin Sulphate as possible, promoting a health gut and helping the body to improve and maintain healthy Bones, Intestines, Immune system, Cardiovascular system, Pancreas, Muscles, Crain and control of Cell Cycles. A lack of sunlight may also cause a phenomenon known as Sundowning which has several negative impacts on the body including decreases in melatonin in the body, increases in agitation, confusion and anxiety in the late afternoon and evening, deterioration of the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) and may worsen symptoms of or increase risk of dementia.

Health and Earth’s resonance – There is a phenomenon known as the ‘Schumann Resonance’. The Schumann Resonance is the negative electrical charge of the earth, with a frequency of 7.83 hertz. The surface of the earth is electrically conductive, possessing a continuously renewed and limitless supply of free electrons. The earth’s surface and the ionosphere form a resonating cavity charged by broadband electromagnetic impulses such as lightning strikes. This results in a negatively charged surface of the earth known as the Schumann Resonance. The easiest way to access this helpful charge is to make contact with the earth directly (where it is safe to do so) for at least fifteen minutes. This may lead to several benefits including – the reduction of overall stress levels and tension, improvement in the Autonomic Nervous System, and may be anti-inflammatory.

Health and Sound Resonance – Healing Sounds have been used by many cultures for thousands of years, from Ancient Egyptians, Native American tribes, Indian cultures, Ancient Greek cultures, and more. The “western” scientific approach started investigating healing sounds in the early to mid-1800’s. It is thought that humans have a natural healing resonance (of 9-16 Hz), and that our emotions also influence this natural resonance. Sound healing is theorised to work by influencing these resonances to help a person relax, focus, develop insight, improve sleep, lessen pain and for other. There are different types of sound healing including Sound Baths, Guided Sound Meditations, Chanting, Vibroacoustic, Acutonics and Binaural Beats. As a result, there are many different tools that people and sound healing practitioners use including Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tamburra, Bamboo and Native American Flutes, Bells, Steel-Tongue Drums, Gongs, Rattles, Shakers, Frame Drums, Chimes, Tuning Forks and Rainsticks. Modern technology examples of modern healing include Audio Bilateral Stimulation and Audio Binaural Sounds.

There are many areas of health and science that can be beneficial to learn about, including the discussed topics of Light, Earth Resonance and Sound Resonance.

Stay tuned for my next blog.

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