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Seeing a Male Psychologist

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15:24 PM

Are you thinking about seeing a psychologist for your anxiety, depression, relationships or other issues? Perhaps you have been engaged with a psychologist for a while and you’re looking for a fresh start? Selecting a therapist of another gender may be the change you’re looking for. While a great deal of therapy options today are completed with a female, there are many positive reasons to engage with a male clinician.

A Different Perspective

Each psychotherapist has their own skills and life experiences that they apply to their therapy sessions, so why not look for a different perspective? Men may appreciate a male psychologist who has experienced similar issues that put them in a place to easily empathise. On the other hand, women may benefit from the different perspective a male psychologist applies and assistance with bridging the gap between male and female perspectives. This can help women see their own actions through a male perspective while also allowing them to better understand the males in their life.

You Feel Comfortable Talking with Men

When it comes to therapist gender preferences, the decision is usually based on who you would be most comfortable with. Many men simply feel more comfortable and understood with a male psychologist. This may be due to being uncomfortable around women, or your presenting problem is a sensitive topic such as relationships or sexual performance. If you are not comfortable with your therapist or feel as though that may be an issue in your treatment, this will likely hinder your progress in therapy.

You Need a Male Role Model

Unfortunately, in many instances young people may not have access to a suitable male role model in their life. This is often the case with young men and boys, but young girls may also lack a male figure that they are comfortable talking to. Particularly if abandoned or being raised in a single-mother household, children and young people can greatly benefit from a safe male voice to confide in.

You are a Male that Struggles with your Emotions

“Boys don’t cry.” Despite social progression over the years, this outdated statement is still something men will hear throughout their lives. It can be considered ‘weak’ for men to show emotion, constantly hearing you need to “harden up” or “man up”. While this may still be a common opinion, emotional intelligence and the ability to communicate strong emotions is an incredibly important skill in managing emotions and a protective factor against severe mental health problems. A male therapist is often the best option in helping men understand that these feelings are natural and should be expressed to others. You may find that your male psychologist helps you feel that you are not alone and provides you with a safe space to begin building these skills, leading to a better sense of control and empowerment over your emotions.

Now What?

If you think you could benefit from therapy with a male psychologist, our team of highly skilled and experienced Psychologists at Breakfree Psychology Services are here to help. Contact us today to get started with your treatment.