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What do couples say about marathon therapy?

Posted By Elizabeth Pincott  
12:00 PM

Breakfree Psychology Services provide specialist couples counselling, including an intensive form of couples counselling called marathon therapy. 

People often phone us and ask about marathon therapy and whether or not it is effective, or more effective than standard couples therapy. So, I thought I would provide a list of some of the comments we have received from our marathon therapy sessions so future couples would know what is being said by the couples who have done a marathon session.

What coupes say during and after engaging in a marathon couples counselling session;

“I have never heard my partner say these things. Spending time working through these issues in a supportive environment has finally allowed us to understand each other and now I feel like I can move past this issue. We needed the extended time to be able to do this. I wish we had done this 20 years ago”

”Thank you so much for all the time you have spent with us. We have so many new tools for working through issues now. I really feel we are ‘skilled up’ to manage issues moving forward. To do so much in 2 days means we don’t have to struggle through another 6 months, like we might have if we had done standard couples counselling”

“The Gottman method is so helpful, we have had counselling in the past and not found it helpful, but this time couples counselling has helped. The financial commitment initially seemed a lot but when we broke it down we realised we might spend a similar amount over the course of standard therapy, so we thought we may as well take the quicker approach. I liked this approach as it meant we effectively spent a shorter time on big issues as the discussions were over in 2 days, instead of weeks”

“We chose a marathon session as a result of my partner not being willing to engaged in months of couples counselling and I’m glad we did. This marathon has enabled us work through so many issues that we had been unable to work through on our own (without it causing a big fight)”

“Our marathon started off feeling really intense as we had a lot of hurtful issues to work through, but the calm approach by our therapist helped us feel calmer too. We asked to finish each day on something more positive, which was helpful and made us feel less overwhelmed. We chose the marathon because we live out of town”

You can find more information on our marathons on our website 

Book your marathon by phoning us on 0479 149 277.

(please note that comments have been changed slightly due to confidentiality)