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Schema therapy AUSTRALIA

Individual counselling is provided via 50-60 minute sessions, either in person or via Skype, to enable access for those who don’t live close to a schema therapist, or who prefer to have therapy in the comfort of their own home. 

Create a life that is satisfying by breaking free from repeated problems in sustaining intimate relationships, difficulty in letting go of disturbing memories from childhood, and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour. Schema Therapy has been developed by Dr. Jeffrey Young, and has been found to be an effective therapy for helping people who haven’t found traditional forms of therapy helpful.

Schema Therapy addresses early maladaptive schemas (core beliefs), unmet emotional needs, schema modes (our thoughts, emotions and behaviour), and maladaptive copying styles. There have been 18 maladaptive schemas identified, which are considered unhelpful beliefs about the self, that result in repeated maladaptive behaviours. Each schema relates to the unmet emotional needs of the child, while the coping mode was developed in childhood to counteract the painful childhood experience and unmet need.

Schema therapy is helpful for;

  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Emotional Dysregulation
  • Eating Disorders
  • Chronic Depression & Anxiety Disorders
  • Other issues that you have struggled to overcome through traditional therapy

At Breakfree Psychology Services, our goal is to help individuals create a fulfilling and satisfying life.  Schema therapy online is one of the most effective ways we can do this, enabling us to assist individuals who have experienced life long struggles with anxiety, depression and interpersonal challenges.

If you’re experiencing reoccurring problems in intimate relationships, processing troublesome experiences, emotions and behaviours from childhood, Schema therapy can be an effective healing method to help you understand yourself and start your healing journey.

Whether you live locally in Townsville or interstate, our trained psychologists provide flexible counselling solutions for your individual concerns, providing avenues for a happier and more enjoyable life.

What is Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy combines cognitive behavioural therapy, psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy and attachment therapy.   It was originally designed to assist with personality disorders or with clients who found other therapy unhelpful, as  there is a focus on addresses the deeper problem. 

A schema is a strongly held belief about yourself or others, and acts as a filter for how you see your world. These are developed in childhood as a result of not having one or more basic childhood needs met, such as the need for praise, safety or stability. Schema therapy says these schemas continue to rule a persons thoughts well into adulthood and can result in emotional distress and issues in interpersonal relationships.

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There are 18 maladaptive schemas with 5 of these considered to be particularly significant, these include Abandonment (thinking people will leave you), Mistrust/Abuse (believing others will mistrust you), Emotional Deprivation (thinking your needs will not be met), Defectiveness/Shame (believing you are flawed), and Social Isolation (long lasting sense of loneliness).

In addition, schema therapy address maladaptive coping modes which are flawed coping strategies for managing intense emotions, maladaptive parent modes which are internalised ways of talking to yourself that are reflective of a significant adult figure in your life as a child, and a health adult mode which is the side of you that schema therapy aims to increase as living life in this side is much more stable and fulfilling.

Healing or reducing these schema, maladaptive coping modes and parent modes can result in having less intense emotional reactions and behaviours and improved relationships. Healing is achieved by helping you understand how to better meet your needs by developing more insight, coping tools, and through specific emotion focussed work in sessions.

Anyone can benefit from Schema Therapy as research has found that most people have at least 1-3 schemas, and when identified, worked on and reduced, life tends to be more fulfilling and happier. For more information on our schema therapy online sessions, please call Breakfree Psychology Services on 0479 149 277 to arrange a confidential discussion.


Breakfree from negative beliefs and live the life you were born to live!