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Learn what the relationship masters do to ensure they have a rewarding and happy relationship via a 4 day small group retreat, in far North Queensland, in a luxury resort in paradise. You will have the opportunity to take time out from the group to practice the strategies you have learnt in a private setting with your partner.

Inclusions for a Group Retreat;

  • 18 hours of focussed learning and practice over 3 days plus full catering provided
  • 1 day enjoying fun activities of your choice, pre arranged with our activities coordinator
  • Learn how to build and maintain a strong friendship and understanding of each other
  • How to improve passion, romance and intimacy
  • Work through ongoing issues and learn how to reduce arguments
  • Explore each others views on different aspects of life; i.e. life goals and missions, the importance of family, finances, travel, time spent together
  • Understand your relationship issues from a Schema Therapy perspective, know how your own childhood wounds link to your current conflict within your relationship and gain an in-depth understanding of your own schema‚Äôs
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Gottman Couples Therapy with Schema Therapy for Couples-A Powerful Combination for Couples
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